LCDRS consists of two divisions: LCDRS-US Inc, a 501(c)3 organization based in the United States, and LCDRS-Sierra Leone, which receives funds from the US branch for the work to be done.

The members of the US LCDRS Board are volunteer members. Besides their interest in helping to provide a better life for  people around the world, they bring a variety of skills which are useful as they oversee the work of LCDRS.

St Matthias' Episcopal Church in Midlothian, Virginia, USA, supports the program through their Outreach committee.  We thank them for their commitment to the LCDRS mission. 

United States Board of Directors

David Moore

Chairman of the Board

Clive Burnett


Imodale Caulker-Burnett

Secretary and Founder LCDRS

Jane Griffin

Outreach Chair

Dale McIntosh

Activities Chair

Jenni Pirkey


Bill Pirkey

Information Technology

LCDRS Staff in Sierra Leone

Mi Yema Elizabeth


Lulu Wright

Other LCDRS Staff

Isa Forna

Business Woman
Financial Officer

Tommy Hai

National Director and Project Manager